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frequently asked questions

​​Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

Can we use more than one credit card when ordering through - Yes!* Once you begin your "Order With Friends", choose the amount of time you want to give your friends to join the order, add items to your cart, enter in your payment info, place your order, and then you will see a link that you can send to your friends to join the group order but pay separately. This saves you time because now each person spends a minute or two putting in their order as opposed to 1 person spending 10 or more minutes to put in large group orders. Save time, save money then enjoy! *(Multiple credit card payments are currently only available through our website. Other online ordering platforms such as Grub Hub and Eat24 do not yet offer multiple credit card payment options.)

What is "Frenchman" dressing? - Our Frenchman Dressing is our take on Honey Mustard. This was the first item that we created that prompted us to open up This Guy's Pizza. We tweaked the traditional and made it unique. Life is better with a little Frenchman in your mouth!

What is "Buf-A-Q"? - Buf-A-Q is a sweet, smokey and a little bit spicy sauce. It has been called magic, life changing and crazy good by some of our fans. Buf-A-Q...It only sounds dirty!

What is the "F-Bomb"? - The F-Bomb is another name for the Feta Bomb pizza. Again...sounds dirty but it is SO GOOD!!

What are "Dough BOY/GIRL Crisps"? - Dough Crisps are our thin and bite sized version of dough boys. We offer Dough BOY Crisps and Dough GIRL Crisps. "Boys" have sugar on them and "Girls" have cinnamon sugar on them.

 Where did the name "This Guy's Pizza" come from? - Honestly, it just popped into my head one day. We all see pizza shops named after the owner or the family all the time. Or you see generic names based on the location of the shop. I wanted something fun. Something different. Something to catch your eye. It worked. You're here!

Why is the website called ""? Is there a fake one? - Why yes, there is a fake one! You see, back when we were still under construction one of our competitors decided to purchase our domain name before we did. The very same competitor decided to try to sell the domain to us later for A LOT more than they paid for it. This is the act of a sad individual. Needless to say we did not fall for it and kept our domain as We find that it works well as a conversation starter. After all, we hear this question so much that we needed to have a spot for it on our F.A.Q. section! Thanks competition!

Can I use my Student I.D. with a coupon? - No. While you cannot combine discounts or promotions, we do insure that you will receive whichever applicable discount is greater for your order. Keeping more money in your pocket since 2009!!

How many people do your pizzas serve? - We generally figure that 2-3 slices per person is sufficient. 
Small Pizza  -  6 Slices  -  1-2 people
Medium Pizza  -  8 Slices  -  2-3 people
Large (Round)  -  10 Slices  3-4 people
Ex. Lg. (Rectangle)  -  15 Slices  4-5 people 

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page? - Yes to both. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter at

Are there any other This Guy's Pizza locations? - Not yet. We do have the intention to open more locations in the near future.